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Heroes are the cornerstone of your deck. They define the core strategy as well as turn the tide mid-battle. Heroes can come from any of the six kingdoms. There are whispers that there are unaligned heroes in the world, but only one has joined the Hero ranks yet...

Hero - Heroes are powerful characters who are the leaders of your deck. They each have their own unique abilities and determine your deck’s kingdom alignment.

Hero Abilities

Each hero has three unique abilities that can be used in a variety of ways to win a match. An ability gains 1
charge per turn exempting the turn for the player who goes first in a match.


Triumphs are challenges that give a gold or gem awar upon completion.There are four different tiers of triumphs: common, uncommon, rare, and epic.
You can see heroe challenges buy going to the hero button in the upper left of the client, clicking the specific hero you wish to see, and selecting the triumph tab.

  • Common Gives 500 gold upon completion.
  • Uncommon Gives 750 gold upon completion
  • Rare Gives 1000 gold upon completion
  • Epic Gives 2 gems upon completion
  • Starter Heroes

    These are the starting Heroes. Each Hero has 3 abilities – you will unlock each hero by progressing through the campaign!

    Olfaan, Dwarven DragoonAlchemy Kingdom
    Driven by the stories of legendary riches, Olfaan, former head of the Dwarven Guard now seeks the adventure for the ultimate treasures, so he too can become a legend.
    Stun Shot - 3 charges - Target creature loses an ability;then deals 0-1 physical damage to it
      Loot Corpse - 4 charges - Destroys target enemy corpse; Then draw a card. Your heroe gains 1 health or 1 mana or 1 charge
        Scatter Shot - 6 charges - Deals 1 to 2 physical damage to each enemy creature and hero

          Alisten, Dragon PriestessAncient Kingdom
          The youngest of the Ancient beings, Alisten has the power to call upon the dragons to Summon vast armies in times of need, making her a most formidable warlord.
          Flight - 3 charges - Target creature gains Flying.
            Dragon Calling - 4 charges - Until end of turn, creature cards with mana cost 5 or more cost 2 less mana to play
              Summon Whelp - 5 charges - Summon a 2/2 Dragon Whelp with Flying in target empty ally slot

                Amarus, Zombie WarlordUndead Kingdom
                Amarus, a former barbarian warlord that was struck down during the 'Wrath of the Gods' now walks as a reanimated horror, bound in servitude to the Undead King.
                Twisted Bond - 3 charges - Target creature and your hero both lose 1 health
                  Raise Dead - 4 chargesDestroy target corpse; Then summons a 2/2 Zombie 'Token' in an empty ally slot
                    Unholy Warcry - 5 charges - Target creature gets +2 attack and its opposing creature gets -1 health

                      Crutomist, Ent FlamelingElemental Kingdom
                      Once the protector of the Great Willow of Souls, Crutomist is consumed by the dark Elementals and his sole compulsion to extinguish the Willow and gain its power.
                      Entangle - 3 charges - Target creature loses Flying and becomes Immobile (it can't be moved)
                        Wild Fire - 4 charges - Deals 1 magical damage to each creature without Flying and enemy hero
                          Burning Memories - 5 charges - Removes the top 3 cards of target hero's discard pile; Then deals magical damage equal to the number of cards removed to an enemy creature or hero

                            Wilrius, Enlightened ElderHoly Kingdom
                            Wilrius, the most devout educator in all the Holy Kingdom is charged with the teachings of the sacred chronicles and healing the battle wounded.
                            Calm - 3 charges - Target creature becomes Weak (its attack power is reduced by 1)
                              Enlightenment - 4 charges - Wilrius gains health equal to the number of creatures in play
                                Penitence - 5 charges - Target ally creature heals fully; Then that creature deals physical damage to its opposing creature equals to its health

                                  Petrice, Dream SpinnerMystical Kingdom
                                  Bound with immortality to the sacred Willow of Souls, Petrice uses her powers of time and dust magic to stop the relentless Elementals. Her survival depends on it.
                                  Sprinkle Dust - 3 charges - Your hero gains 1 mana. Ally creatures gain Dust.
                                    Swipe - 4 charges - Target ally creature steals 1 attack and 1 ability from its opposing creature. That creature gains Dust.
                                      Mystic Shroud - 5 charges - Each ally creature gets +2 health and gains resist

                                        Amorya, Mist HuntressUnaligned
                                        Coming first to your aid, Amorya is an experienced huntress, coming from the wilds of the Great Forest.
                                        Riposte - 3 charges - Deals 1 physical damage to an enemy creature or hero
                                          Combat Training - 4 charges - Target ally creature gets +1 attack. If its your only ally creature, it also gets +1 health
                                            Glaive Shot - 5 charges - Deals 2 physical damage to target enemy creaturel Then deals 1 physical damage to enemy hero

                                              Advanced Heroes

                                              These heroes are only obtainable through the store for 70,000 gold or 69 gems. The heroes below are not anymore powerful, but require a larger cardpool or certain sets of cards to be played effectively

                                              Ravinova, Chaos AlchemistAlchemy Kingdom
                                              A crazed inventor driven insane by the hunger for more powerful magic, Ravinova now draws her attention towards the power source of the Gods, the Ancients Sky Temple.
                                              Prototype - 4 charges - Put a copy of target non-'Token' card with mana cost 3 or less into your hand
                                              Liquify - 5 charges - Target creature becomes Poisoned 2 or destroy target gear
                                                Transpose - 6 charges - Target hero loses 3 random charges and your hero gains 1 mana for each charge lost this way

                                                  Grovenhold, Ancient BeingAncient Kingdom
                                                  One of the oldest beings on the physical plane, Grovenhold is sworn to protect the last of his homeland and strengthen the remnants of the ancient beings.
                                                  Crush Mortal - 4 charges - Destroys target creature with mana cost 3 or less
                                                    War March - 5 charges - Target creature attacks, if able
                                                      Battle Cry - 6 charges - Target creature gets +2 health and gains Splash and Overrun

                                                        Uunys, Undead LichUndead Kingdom
                                                        Uunys, Undead Lich serves as the right hand to Abaddon himself. She uses powerful dark magics to vanquish her foes and call upon the undead army to serve her in war.
                                                        Corpse Feast - 3 charges - Destroys target corpse; Then your hero gains 1 health and 1 mana
                                                          Frost Spike - 4 charges - Deals 2 magical damage to target creature and 1 to each of its adjacent and opposing creatures
                                                            Consume Soul - 5 charges - Destroys target ally creature; Then your hero gains health equal to its health and mana equal to its attack

                                                              Arcanos, Arch-ElementalistElemental Kingdom
                                                              Arcanos, a deviant conjuror of the Elemental magics, he uses his willful powers to freeze foes and ignite villages. He burns at the fierce command of Jorma, Maelstrom Avatar.
                                                              Blistershock - 3 charges - Removes the top card of your discard pile; Then deals 1 magical damage to target creature or hero
                                                                Ice Blast - 4 charges - Enemy hero loses 2 Mana
                                                                  Solar Flare - 7 charges - Target hero draws 2 cards, gains 3 mana and is dealt 2 magical damage

                                                                    Belnir, Grand PaladinHoly Kingdom
                                                                    Captain of the Kings Noble Guard and known as the right hand of Justice. Belnir now seeks retribution against the Undead King for his cruel acts against the Holy Kingdom.
                                                                    Exalt - 3 charges - Target creature gets +1 health and loses a negative status effect
                                                                      Sanctified Burial - 4 charges - Remove target corpse; Then each ally creature gets +1 attack
                                                                        Divine Blessing - 5 charges - Each ally creature gets +1health and gains Armor and Regen

                                                                          Wiloryn, Chrono MasterMystical Kingdom
                                                                          Wiloryn is a true master of time manipulation magics. She can shift timelines and alternate realities to predict future events and ensure her dominance on the battlefield.
                                                                          Dispell - 3 charges - Target creature loses all positive status effects and an ability
                                                                            Rewind - 5 charges - Returns target card with mana cost 4 or less to its controllers hand; Then they gain 1 mana
                                                                              Mind Restore - 6 charges - Put the top card of target hero's discard pile into your hand; Then you hero gains 3 mana

                                                                                Shadow, Assassin of KingsUnaligned
                                                                                Born from the darkness, Shadow knows not of compassion or allegiance. Legend says he was once a crowned Prince of a dynasty, now known as an assassin of Kings. Shadow trusts nobody and definitely should not be trusted himself.
                                                                                Charge Strike - 2 charges - Target hero ability loses 1 charge
                                                                                  Swift Strike - 3 charges - Target creature becomes Poisoned
                                                                                    Shadow Strike - 4 charges - Enemy hero discards a random card. If they have no cards in hand, deals 2 physical damage to them instead

                                                                                      Dravkas, War SmithAlchemy Kingdom
                                                                                      Dravkas the great War Smith of the Dwarven army, remains in permanent bloodlust in the search to feed his technological addiction and build the ultimate gear and war machinery.
                                                                                      Tinker - 3 charges - Destroys target ally non-'Token' card; Then summons from your deck the next card of the same type with 1 mana cost greater in its slot
                                                                                        Augment - 5 charges - Target creature gets +1 attack, gains a random ability and becomes a 'Construct' (in addition to its other subtypes)
                                                                                          Manufacture - 7 charges - Put a copy of target card with mana cost 6 or less under your control. If it's a creature it becomes a 'Construct' (in addition to its other subtypes)

                                                                                            Bahamut, Elder AncientAncient Kingdom
                                                                                            Rumored to be a direct descendant of the old Gods, Bahamut is respected and feared throughout all kingdoms. He is the final protector of the Ancients Great Sky Temple.
                                                                                            Imposing Roar - 4 charges - Enemy Hero loses 2 charges; Then is dealt 1 magical damage for each charge lost this way
                                                                                              Obliterate - 6 charges - Destroy target card with mana cost 5 or less
                                                                                                Dragon Form - 7 charges - Target creature gets +2 attack +2 health and gains Flying and Intimidate

                                                                                                  Abaddon, Undead KingUndead Kingdom
                                                                                                  Granted eternal life from the Undergods, Abaddon and his Undead Army vow for the destruction of the Holy Kingdom and their council of the Holy Elite.
                                                                                                  Necrotic Infusion - 4 charges - Target creature gets +1 attack and gains Reassemble
                                                                                                    Drain Life - 5 charges - Target creature loses 3 health; Then your hero gains 1 health for each health lost this way
                                                                                                      Soul Conversion - 6 charges - Steal target enemy corpse with mana cost 6 or less that has an empty opposing slot and resurrect it. It becomes Undead

                                                                                                        Jorma, Maelstrom AvatarElemental Kingdom
                                                                                                        A dark elf long obsessed with imbuement of the elements, Jorma plunged deep into the maelstrom, making her one of the most powerful beings in all of the Kingdoms.
                                                                                                        Invoke Fury - 3 charges - Target creature gets +1 attack
                                                                                                          Undertow - 4 charges - Target creature loses Resist, is dealt 2 magical damage and becomes Immobile
                                                                                                            Furious Revival - 5 charges - Destroys target ally corpse; Then summons the next creature from your deck with a lesser mana cost in its slot. It gains Hase

                                                                                                              Akatril, Angel GeneralHoly Kingdom
                                                                                                              General of the Holy Elite Guard and responsible for the protection the Holy Lands and the heavens above charged from the Gods themselves, Akatril remains on permanent watch.
                                                                                                              Justice Strike - 4 charges - Deals 2 physical piercing damage to target creature. If that creature is a 'Token' deal 5 physical damage instead
                                                                                                                Seraph Embrace - 5 charges - Target Light Alliance creature gets +1 attack, +1 health, and gains Flying and Blessed
                                                                                                                  Divine Summoning - 6 charges - Remove all corpses; Then summon a 3/3 Angel 'Token' with Flying and a mana cost of 4 in an empty ally slot.

                                                                                                                    Noran, Grand SorcerorMystical Kingdom
                                                                                                                    Being the most favored understudy of the Great Father, Noran took control over the Mystical kingdom. He uses his deep knowledge to prepare his people for the wrath of the Elementals.
                                                                                                                    Inspiration - 4 charges - Draw a card. The next card you play this turn costs 2 less mana
                                                                                                                      Blink - 5 charges - Banishes target card with mana cost 5 or less; Then returns it to play in its original form
                                                                                                                        Polymorph - 6 charges - The creature in target slot becomes Polymorphed 2 (it becomes an 0/1 Sheep for 2 turns)

                                                                                                                          Just whispers in the wind...