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Cards are your tools in battle. Pick a Hero and build a deck out of your Creatures, Spells, Gear and Rune-words. You can acquire cards by opening booster packs, buying singles from the single store or by buying unlocked promos.

Booster Packs

Booster packs contain 6 cards of varying rarities. Booster packs can be purchased with either Gold or Gems via the in-game shop.

Card Types

There are 4 different types of cards - Creatures, Spells, Gear and Rune-words:

Creature - Creatures are allies you summon in battle to help defeat your opponent.
Spell - Spells can be used to buff your allies or damage the enemy and their creatures.
Gear - Gear cards can be attached to your hero to give them extra abilities and effects.
Rune-word - Rune-words are powerful cards that alter the environment for both players. Only one Rune-word can be active at any given time. If one Rune-word is active and another is played, the previous Rune-word will be overwritten and the new one will be in effect.


There are 5 card rarities that are illustrated by their border colors. Certain rarities can only be found in certain booster packs.

Common - These are most common cards in Kingdoms. They can be found in all booster packs.
Uncommon - The second most common card, these can be found in Silver and Gold booster packs.
Rare - Rares are powerful cards that can only be found in Gold booster packs or the Single store.
Epic - Epics are extremely powerful cards that you have a small chance to find in Gold booster packs.
Legendary - Legendaries are the most powerful cards in the game and have the lowest chance to be pulled from a gold pack.