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The Kingdoms CCG battle is a unique experience to most CCGs. The goal is to use your Hero and other cards to defeat the opponent's Hero. Each player will have 3 battle slots and a shared Rune-word slot. Creatures can only be played in an empty battle slot. At the end of each player’s turn their creatures will attack the opponent. If a creature is facing another creature in opposing slot, it will become blocked and they will fight.

Hand Size

Players can have a maximum of 5 cards in their hand at any given time. If an additional card or cards would be drawn, cards currently held in hand get pushed from left to right. If you are holding 5 cards when drawing a card or cards - the right-most card will be discarded from your hand.

Turn Order

Each turn the play will follow through specific phases in the following order:

  1. Draw phase: you draw a card;
  2. Mana phase: your Hero gains 2 mana;
  3. Charge phase: each ability of your Hero gains 1 charge;
  4. Effect phase: any appropriate “turn” effects will trigger simultaneously;
  5. Main phase (during this phase you can do any of the following any number of times):
    • Play a card from your hand if you have enough Mana to play it,
    • Activate any available Hero abilities,
    • Move any of your creatures to another battle slot (the creature won’t be able to attack this turn),
    • Assign/un-assign any of your creatures to “Defend” (a creature won’t attack as long as it is assigned to “Defend”),
    • Discard a card from your hand to gain 1 Mana,
    • Move on to Attack Phase by pressing the "Battle" button (once per turn, and this ends your turn).
  6. Battle phase:
    • During the battle phase, creatures will take turns attacking from the top most battle slot to the bottom. If a creature gets blocked by an opposing creature they each will deal damage to another equal to their attack (ATK) values. If there is no blocking creature – the attacker will deal its damage straight to opponent’s Hero.
  7. Cleanup phase: Any ally corpses that were in play at the beginning of turn are destroyed and all “until end of turn” buffs fade away.

Battle Rewards

After each victorious battle you will earn rewards. For campaign battles you will earn gold, with bonus gold or even gems for finishing a campaign battle for the first time. For arena battles you will earn gold and your arena rating will change. The amount of gold earned varies depending on the type of battle played. Rating gain/loss varies depending on opponent’s rating (rating calculations are based on Elo system).