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This section of the wiki will help you to get familiar with the basic concepts of the game and get you up to speed and ready to defend your kingdom! We'll go over the cards, building a deck and battle game play and basic strategy.

Game Basics

Kingdoms CCG is, duh, a CCG :) It‘s about players building a deck and battling other players. There is a campaign for some single player adventuring and game familiarity time along with many Arena ladders for extra challenges. The goal of the game is to build the best deck and become the top battler for your Kingdom! There are a few key things to grasp the game properly:

HP (Hit Points) - Hit Points are the player‘s life source. They are depleted by creature attacks and spells from the opponent - once your Hero's HP reaches 0, you lose.
Mana - Mana is used to play cards and activate certain Hero abilities. Each turn players will gain 2 Mana.
Deck - A deck is a collection of creatures, spells, gear and rune-words lead by a chosen Hero.
Hero - A Hero is the leader of your deck and the will affect your battle tactics the most.

Order of Operations

Order Name Description
1 Switch Team Start of the turn, switch current team
2 Corpse Decay Tick up any corpse counters and remove if maxed
3 Mana Gain Current Hero gains 2 Mana
4 Charge Gain Current Hero gains 1 Charge in each ability
5 Draw Card Current Hero draws 1 card
6 Ability Pre Effects from specific abilities trigger (Regen, Poison)
7 On Turn Triggers Each Card's On your turn effect triggers in the following order: Global effects, Rune Words, Creatures, Gear, Hero, Hero Abilities starting with the active player for each type then switching to the inactive. Meaning My team's creatures, then your team's creatures etc. Triggers are checked from top to bottom (top slot -> bottom for creatures and gear)
8 Play Active player takes their turn
9 Combat Current Hero's creatures attack if able. On attack's triggers before the actual attack takes place
10 End Turn Triggers Each card's At the end of your Turn effect triggers in the following order: Global effects, Rune Words, Creatures, Gear, Hero, Hero Abilities in the same order as on your turn
11 Ability Post Effects from specific abilities trigger (Slow, Summoning Sickness)
12 Clean Up Remove any end of turn effects, then switch teams


There are six different Kingdoms forming two alliances: Light and Dark. Each Kingdom has an opposing Kingdom and Heroes cannot use cards of their opposing Kingdom. This is known as the Opposing Kingdom rule and is enforced across all decks.


Players progress through the story line through completing nodes across the campaign map. During these nodes you will find the mastermind behind the problems in Euna. Players can be given: Heroes, Cards, Gold and even Gems as rewards for progress.

Well - Well nodes give out energy and refresh depending on the node between 3-24 hrs.
Challenge - Challenges are nodes that require you to play with a certain card set or hero. The reward is a card or gems or both depending on the conditions met.
Boss - Boss nodes include an enemy that is much stronger than normal enemies and have rather unique abilities.
Gate - Gate nodes block your progress on the map until the corresponding key has been acquired. Keys are usually obtained from Boss nodes in the area.
Merchant - Merchant nodes contain a merchant who will sell you essence or stones for a certain amount of gems or gold.
Search - Search nodes are nodes that you spend energy on to obtain a set amount of rewards. Search nodes have finite resources.
Survival -Survival nodes pit you against tougher and tougher enemies the farther you delve in and contain certain restrictions. The rewards scale with the difficulty and there are checkpoints along the way to save your progress.
Travel - Travel nodes take the player to certain subareas of the map where additional nodes and rewards may be found.
Chest - Chest nodes can be opened with a certain amount of energy to acquire a random reward in either gold, gems, stones, or cards.
Effect Meter - This special turn symbol represents a global effect affecting the battlefield and is reserved only for certain challenge nodes.


In additional the campaigns, players are able to battle each other's decks in Arenas.

Arenas - There are 4 battle arenas to choose from, each offering a different set of rules, opponents and rewards. The arenas right now include: Beginner, Limited, Standard and Skirmish.
Tournaments - Our tournament system uses Swiss style system and offers several styles including: Draft, Sealed and both Limited and Standard constructed formats!
Guilds - Our guild system offers a group of players the chance to enter our leagues and climb from bronze all the way to Epic league by Fighting other guilds in a season system.


There are two currencies in Kingdoms: Gold (non-premium) and Gems (premium). Use them to purchase Heroes, Booster Packs, Single Cards, Upgrades and more!

Gold - Gold can be obtained by winning battles, daily quests and completing campaigns.
Gems - Gems can purchased or earned through achievements, daily bonuses and more.