Creature Abilities

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Creature Abilities

There is a large number of abilities that can greatly improve your creature’s strength in battle. A lot of creatures have abilities innately; however it is also possible to give them new ones or improve existing ones through use of spells and buffs.

Armor X - (Ranked) Physical damage dealt to this creature is reduced by X
Corpsecraft - This creature can be played in corpse occupied slots.
Dust - This creature doesn’t create a corpse when it dies
Flying - This creature can’t be blocked, except by creatures with Flying or Ranged
Haste - This creature can attack the turn it comes under your control
Intimidate X - (Ranked) Opposing creature gets -X ATK
Overrun - If this creature would kill a creature with battle damage, any excess damage is dealt to the enemy Hero
Pierce - Damage dealt by this creature ignores Armor
Ranged - This creature can block creatures with Flying
Reassemble X - (Ranked) On death: resurrect this creature’s corpse as a X/X Undead 'Skeleton' with Dust
Regen X - (Ranked) On your turn: this creature heals X HP from itself
Resist X - (Ranked) Magical damage dealt to this creature is reduced by X
Splash X - (Ranked) On attack: this creature deals X damage to each creature without Flying in defending creature’s adjacent battle slots
Unblockable - This creature can’t be blocked
Volatile X - (Ranked) On death: this creature deals X magical damage to opposing creature
Demigod - Demigods can't be destroyed, stolen or targeted by spells or abilities. A tribute must be paid to unleash their full potential.

Additional Abilities

In addition to keyword abilities some creatures can have extra effects or triggered abilities that can help boost allies, weaken enemies and more.

  • "On attack" - This ability triggers when the creature attacks
  • "On death" - This ability triggers when the creature dies (it’s HP becomes 0)
  • "When played" - This ability triggers when the creature is played from a player’s hand.
  • "On your/Each turn" - This ability triggers at the beginning of the player’s, which controls the creature, turn or at the beginning of each turn.

Status Effects

In additional to creature abilities there are also status effects that can alter your creature’s condition in battle. These effects can often be inflicted with spells or abilities and be cured/removed like-wise.

Blessed X - (Positive, Ranked) When this creature dies, its controller gains X HP
Cursed X - (Negative, Ranked) When this creature dies, its controller loses X HP
Immobile - (Negative) This creature can't be moved to another slot
Pacified - (Negative) This creature can't attack
Polymorphed X - (Negative, Ranked) This creature becomes a 0 ATK 1 HP Sheep for X turns
Poison X - (Negative, ranked) On your turn: this creature loses X HP
Slow X - (Negative, ranked) This creature can't attack for X turns
Strong X - (Positive, ranked) This creature gets +X ATK
Timid - (Negative) This creature can’t attack if it has an opposing creature
Weak X - (Negative, ranked) This creature gets -X ATK