Oncus' never to be decks

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Oncus' never to be decks

Sometimes I have a deck idea that's fun, but not competitive, or just don't have the card to try it out.

Here is an idea for a Thania deck that I had since she was released.

4 shadow daggers
3-4 deploy cannons (added after reading Ozy's post)
3-4 combatants (or other stall cards)
scroll makers
manacycle wizards
3-4 immortals
3-4 master forger
few Realm Crushers
and master cards such as echo blast, rejuvs etc

In theory you stall until your shadow daggers/deploy cannons do most of the work. Play when you're a few charges away from your 7th charge. Use your 7th charge on the runes 0 duration (so on the next turn it will end on your extra turn) and play 1-2 master forgers.

If you have 2 daggers out, it means that after you play immortal you can potentially do 8 more damage, before doing at least 4 damage on the extra turn with 2 master forgers out. So even if the enemy is on 12 hp and you on 1hp when you play immortal, you can win the game in a few turns, provided the enemy doesn't cancel you're immortal rune.


I dig it. I've always wanted to try Master Forger in something and Thania certainly seems like a cool place what with that extra turn thing.

I think Spell Links could be hot too. Using Link to grab extra Deploy Cannons would be pretty cool. And it's always good with rejuvs.

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spell link is totally underrated



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Spell Link sounds like a good idea in theory, but it still takes deck slots and the deck has to be geared towards game changing spells to get good value. Such as RTG or Endless Evil for example.

Example, for rejuve, you get better value using scrollmakers with rejuve being the only spell under cost 2 then you would using spell link to draw it, just cuz of deck slots.


Yeah, I wouldn't run 4 links or anything. I think 2 is cool. It's hot with Deploy Cannons too. Gets you into those insane amounts of cannons faster, more cannons for Forge Master and what not. rejuvs faster into thania's ulti

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