Tournament Guide (Basics)

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Tournament Guide (Basics)

FOR NEW PLAYERS ESPECIALLY. Play free/paid sealed or drafting tournaments. Don't try your hand at standard or Limited as your are almost guarantied to get crushed at your level. So hers a helpful guide of what to do and what not to do for new players :)


1 Believe in yourself (your opponent could be away by a miracle or have poor happen to have a black out. BIG world). I can not tell you how many times I WOULD have lost to a player, but he had left without believing in himself/herself.

2: When drafting, or making a deck Try to go for creatures 2-2 or more. Personally I think the bigger the better. You should want a variety of these. 2-2 easy creature spam or heavy fatty cards to clean up the board. So instead of picking that mana moth, try the mountain giant, war mammoth, dragon etc etc

3: do NOT go for any spell that will help you with charges, As the automatic hero your given has very little use for your abilities when you could be packing musically creatures. The abilities are helpful, but not worth creatures and spells

4: I would personally say again, instead of a strong fat creature, go for the lighting bolt, fireball, baleful unless you already have removal cards (Removal - cards that destroy your opponent creatures without you using a creature yourself). I find that removal is slightly more uncommon than the creatures when it comes to Drafting.

5: Wish your opponent good luck :). What goes around comes around!

The main winning technique I do when im making a deck is to find my strongest creature(s) first, then move onto the smaller 2-2 creatures. Then after I put those into my deck, I search for the removal.

What NOT to do

1 Leave without fighting the whole tournament. Ensures you get your prize, not to mention the earths a pretty big place. What if your opponent has a meeting in 5 minutes? Valuable time to hold off your opponent until they must forfeit and leave.

2: pick weak creature cards

3: pick over 3 rune worlds

4: don't worry if you don't have all Undead cards. Add in your strongest cards
(strong in attack and health terms and strong in terms of spell effects)

5: Go off in a huff, complain, or rage in chat.

You have reached the end of the forum. I hope this helped you out, because I can honestly say, I read a forum post on tournament (still here) and after that, I began to win a lot of my tournaments. So, good luck and have fun people!


There are not only 2 abilities but if you do some research on it so you get more abilities into it.The share some abilities that you can use for different purposes.