Ravi Goblin Infiltrator spam, limited and standard versions

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Ravi Goblin Infiltrator spam, limited and standard versions

I think the people I've played against so far would attest this combo can be very annoying. I'm guessing the limited version will be stronger since it's a slower format. The biggest weakness in standard is if you don't get a steal trigger by turn 5-6.

Standard version has been tested/revised more so far. Although I'd guess it's more likely to change than the Limited version.





Limited struggled to get the combo out more than I thought it would. So abandoned the life gain path, since that is for staying alive after gaining control. Now there's more defense, including 3 fae combatants.

With only one Thieve's Guild Crest, there are 8 cards that almost only get concealed dagger, which was the toughest piece to draw. Treasure hunts make 5 "copies" of Thieve's Guild Crest and 7 cards to draw the goblins, including the goblins themselves.



Updated the standard version to also have the treasure hunt and gift of the mystic setup.

And focused more on fairies, using 3 matrons + the 4 combatants.

Took out the 4 maelstroms and 4 disintegrates, combatants are also good at stopping phoenixes and such.

Since posting this have done -1 gift and +1 fairy matron

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Yea after a thorough skirmish session with Lev I can attest that this is potentially a real problem. Even with the 2 limited decks I expected to have the best matchup I still lost 2 out of 3. I'm thinking it is finally time to put a cap on Scavenging Goblin.