The legend of Euna, and the world as it was (fanmade bg)

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The legend of Euna, and the world as it was (fanmade bg)

[work in progress - this is one of the many ways the Kingdoms world as we know could have formed.]

In the beginning, the world was empty; it was an all encompassing Void. Yet there existed in it a potential, in the shape of a golden egg. Sleeping inside the egg was the essence of Shakti, the First. Yet Shakti could not free himself from his prison, for it was his nature to be unchanging, and always return to the same form he had worn before.

An eternity has passed for Shakti, slumbering and waiting, until something has happened. From beyond the nothingness came the first sound; and its name was Euna.
And with that sound, a new element has entered the universe: Euna, goddess of change.

With her help, Shakti split the world - split HIMSELF - and emerged and became the first dragon; the oldest living being in the universe.

The two halves of the egg formed into the world and two twin gods: he twin brother, Mortimus, existed to represent evil, darkness, death, and the night; and the twin sister, Chevalor, who stood for goodness, light, the day, and life.

The four beings decided to populate the world they have come to inhabit. From their own bodies, they birthed a new type of spirit-being, the demigods. This became the age of the gods; the First Age.

Yet this idillyc situation could not last. A group of spirit-beings, the Djinn, refused to follow the rules and laws of the other gods; they announced their independence, becoming Unaligned.

Learning from their previous mistake, the four gods designed the second generation of creations to be smaller and weaker. Each took the smallest part of their essence, and placed it into the material beings they created.
Shakti created the dragons, beings after his own image. Euna created spirits, the souls of nature and the earth. Chevalor created the angels, and Mortimus created the demons.
These were the beings of the Second Age.

Finally, the third generation of beings was made to be the weakest. Rather than a speck of godly essence, they were all created with a piece of Euna's world-soul.
Mortimus created the dwarves and the goblins, Euna the elves and the fairies, Shakti the giants and the titans, and Chevalor the humans.
They split the world into four parts each taking one quarter of it for themselves, and declared the Alliance of the Four Kingdoms.

But animosity would soon rise its head among the gods again. The two twins, Mortimus and Chevalor, no longer content with playing second fiddle to their godly creator-parents, weaved a plan to banish Euna and imprison Shakti and take the dominion over the world for themselves.

THeir plan, however, soon went avry. Mortimus, in his hunger for power, went too far and slew Euna, and cast her body into the four winds. Her heart's essence became the Maelstrom.

Learning of her brother's deed, Chevalor abandoned the plan and told the truth to her father. Sholars disagree about Chevalor's motive. Some say she planned to confess her intents from the beginning; others say her mind was changed by the violence her brother displayed and the murder of their mother. Mortiumus however thought that her sister has simply betrayed her, accusing her of wanting to frame him solely for her guild or wanting to take all the power over the world for herself.

Yet Mortimus was unable to stop his their father's rage. Chevalor and Shakti banished him and his demigod-children to the Outer Void, where they have stayed and came to be known as the Undergods.

Shatki, after mourning the loss of her lover, decided to named the world after her in her honor. He left his power and authority to Chevalor, and retired from the world of mortals.
Again there is disagreement over what exactly had happened.
Some say that Shakti's sadness was so great he could not bear it, and decided to enter an endless sleep for that reason. Others say that without his counterpart that drove him to action, he had no choice but be doomed to inaction forever again.
Others say that Shakti devised a plan to revive her lost lover, but that plan would take thousands of years to hatch.
Some say that Chevalor completed her and her brother's plan, trapping Shakti or tricking him to consume a drink that put him to sleep.

One way or another, Shakti left the world and entered an aeons long slumber, leaving Chevalor the sole ruling god of the world, now bearing the name of her dead mother Euna.

Under Chevalor's rule, her chosen, the humans, came to dominate the world of Euna, eventually populating the other three kingdoms as well, while smaller weaker races were crowded out and driven back to other unexplored territories.
This state of affairs lasted until within the Great Forest, which spanned the entire South-Eastern region of Euna, a man later known as the Great Father, who belonged to one of the lesser races, and was himself a follower of Euna, declared the foundation of the Confederation Of The Hundred Clans. Every tribe or clan of the Great Forest, no matter how big or small or insignificant, human, elf, dwarf, goblin, troll, beast-man, or any other race, as soon as it was intelligent and could request its admission into the Confederation, would have a piece of ancestral land and enjoyed peace from the other clans. With Great Father's works peace came to Euna once more.

But Mortimus' revenge was yet to come. Seeing their chance to strike back, the Undergods covertly corrupted the mind of the dark elf wizard Nemesis. Nemesis believed that by killing the Great Father, he would be allowed to take his place. Instead, this murder broke up the Confederation Of Clans, splitting them into quarreling factions once more.
In particular, the elves, creations of Euna, now blamed the humans who have invaded their homelands for the death of the Great Father (despite that, unknown to them, it was one of their own who's actually done the deed).
Yet despite breaking off all connections with the wizards of the Great Forest, the elf clans remained largely leaderless for a long time until a lesser known elf shaman, an eccentric even among her own people, obsessed with grasping the power of the gods for herself, decided to throwing herself into the Maelstrom in an attempt to acquire Euna1s power. Betraying everyone's expectations that the Malstrom would tear her apart, the dark fury that dwelt within has instead made her its avatar. The chaos burning her from the inside could now be directed towards taking back their old kingdom.

With the tribes of the Great Forest now divided, Mortimus turned his attention to the other three kingdoms. He whispered liesand awakened greed in the hears of his creations, the dwarves.
Finally he split the hearts and minds of the people of his hated sister, turning half of the human kingdom to his side.

Besieged from all sides, Chevalor only had her father to turn to for help. Though he failed to awaken the Great Dragon (or again, so the gossip goes, she did not want to), she earned the support of his children, the dragons, giants, wyrms and titans, after they learned about the dwarves invading their land. As for her own traitorous countrymen, Chevalor chose to deal a decisive strike to her brother's forces and struck them down with her own holy lightning. This came to be known as the Wrath Of The Gods.

Yet Mortimus'onslaught could not be stopped. Previously, he successfully drove a power hungry prince, Prince Kasheem of the Lost Kingdom (although history would only record him by the name of the man he later became: Shadow) to assassinate King Edmund of the human kingdom, in order to aid his own small country's rise to power. Casting a giant spell on the former holy lands, Mortimus awoke the war dead and created his own army. To add insult to injury, he made the dead King Edmund himself the leader of his new army, who became the monstrous lich-king Abaddon. Rather than appointing a new human king, Chevalor sent her angels to take direct control of the human kingdom, placing it directly under heavenly theocracy. The archangel Akatril now served as her emissary and war leader.

With all six sides now locked into an ever continuing war, and the dwarves having quit the four kingdoms, life was harsh for the common person on Euna. Eventually, after a century of fighting, a man named Nomad arose in the North. He preached indepenance from the gods, and that all the mortal races should take destiny in their own hands. Many who have lost their faith, family or livelyhoods in the war flocked to his side.

Nomad himself is a controversial figure. Starting off as a bandit, caravan leader, then the head of a mercenary band, he was suspected to be born in the Lost Kingdom and turned against the gods when his birthplace was decimated by the gods during the war. It was Nomad who came to the aid of the survivors admitting them them into his band and forging the former people of the Lost Kingdom into the core of the Rebel Army.
His old band, the Shadow Hand was a feared group of assassins capable of taking the lives of many enemy leaders.
Nomad's mercenaries would always support the losing side in a battle, and became something of a legend of a result.
Yet some would whisper that Nomad was a godly being himself, perhaps one of the old Djinns and an older enemy of the gods.

Eventually, Nomad would learn of a mystical prophecy that claimed that one of Euna's children, the ones she created the last, would be the one to bring balance to Euna and end the fighting. A tribe of theese people, rumored to have come from a different universe like Euna, lived secluded on the Isle of Fate. Nomad travelled there, believing having found a means to shape fate at last.


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