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Tribes: Full Card List (Loading Warning, Lots of Images!)









some typos:
Curse Giver is in ancient
Keg Of Ale: your hero gains 0-1HP or 0-1 mana [for] each ally alchemy creature
Mystical Barrier: at [the] end of your turn


this has been mentioned before: Spiked blugdeon, should be bludgeon
anyways, just wanted to help


Thanks. A lot of those have been fixed but the cards were not updated yet.

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Pillage is a neat card - new mechanic where you actually need to look at the mana cost of a corpse.

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Indeed, this set has by far the most creative work in KCCG. I'm really looking forward to what changes this set will bring to game play once things settle in.


The first three sets art works were better imo.The new cards images more like pokemon or something like that.Maybe the artists and graphicers of the game changed.I dont know but this set is disappoinment for me.(not meaning the gameplay)

Princess Heartburn

Wow. I could not disagree more. Admittedly, I had to google Pokemon to see what the cards look like, but I am not seeing the resemblance in the slightest.

De gustibus non est disputandum , I suppose, but I like to think KCCG is objectively more appealing than nearly everything else out there. Each kingdom has it's own "feel" without adhering to rigid color palette limitations, and they're not afraid to throw a few cards in there that look very different from the rest from time to time. I say this new set is even better-looking than the previous three.


Flaming Ritual will be brutal and Smite the Cowardly will be soooo annoying to play against

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RE: Flaming Ritual - as if we need another card that punishes someone from playing a big mana creature. This card should be very important in the Standard meta.

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Just to clarify, Flaming Ritual deals damage equal to the cost of the card that was MILLED, not the target creature's cost

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Thanks for clarifying, it could be better worded for sure.

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I really think Caindra will be huge to PvP play.


Who and how you can delete my opinion message!!! I didnt say any bad word just said Im disappointment with graphic style of new cards!!!!! I bought lots of gems for this game and playing for a long time.I think I can say my opinion for something not like about this game at least.Are you dictator of this game ???????

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What are you talking about? Your post is still up there.


No,, Its just taken back mysteriously??! In the morning there were over 40 comments here.However my comment came back but still didnt change my mind...

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Smite the cowardly is an ok card vs AI, but vs human it has a lot of potential if the opponent is unaware of this card

Treasure hunt is a common and it's as good as study gear? something's wrong?

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It doesn't give the mana reduction of study and you can only use it to tutor relics which are generally less useful than weapons.


Vul'grath's Staff of Repression is extremely disappointing for a Legendary. It's the first Legendary that 9 games out of 10 has no impact whatsoever. With it's random nature, it isn't even worthwhile in a dedicated mill deck.

Considering the impact of other Legendaries, shouldn't it be this?

Cost 6
On Enter/On Your Turn: Enemy discards a card, Mills 3 and loses 3 Charges.

THAT'S a Legendary card.

Beckoning could also have been much better. What I'm surprised at is the fact that you still haven't made an asymmetrical Rune Word yet. Of all of the card types, Rune Words are the most inherently balanced. Even if you made a truly sick Rune Word, playing any other Rune Word defeats it.

Currently Beckoning costs you 3 mana, but works for your opponent first. Theoretically you get the most out of it as you get the last creature, with potentially the highest mana cost, but with the acceleration that this card creates the games may not last that long.

As a one-of in a deck, you can't even build around it. If it was for you only, it would be a powerful effect potentially worthy of one of your four Legendary slots.

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What do you mean by asymmetrical? The kingdom specific rune cycle is pretty much geared to be alot better when playing those kingdoms but if your suggesting that they make runes with rules text that actually give one player an advantage i would say that goes against the whole concept of rune words. They are supposed to have the same effect for both players.

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As two caveats, first, Vulgrath's Staff of Repression used to cost 3 in Beta and it was just completely auto-include. and it is a perfectly nice Legendary as it is right now. Second, Beckoning works first for you since it procs at the end of each turn, sure your creature will do nothing that turn but you still get it for your next 'untap step'

Like all "Balance" cards like "Destroy all X" effects, Rune Words require being able to upset that balance in your favor, and thus require skill to use. The closest thing to an asymetrical Runeword so far is Equalize, and even then you have to know what you are doing


I would add to that, that Recoil, Silence, Immortal and Corrode can be pretty asymmetrical as well when played properly. Especially a well timed Recoil which can end many games on the spot.


You're missing my point. I've played M:TG since Arabian Nights. I know how to turn a symmetrical card to my advantage.

The point is that you've created a card type that is inherently countered by every other Runeword in the game as there can only be one in play at a time. You play Recoil, I play something as simple as Delay and I'm back in the game.

The reason Recoil is so powerful right now is that no one packs main deck Runewords. Now I do honestly think that the Tribes are a step in the right direction. Cards that potentially help me more than my opponent. Yet if I hit the mirror match, they aren't worth the mana.

But answer this: why would this Rune Word be broken?

Buff My Team Only
Runeword - 3 Mana, 5 Turns
Your creatures gain +1 attack when attacking

Suddenly you have a main deck worthy Runeword with no obvious downside for the player. Yet the card is still balanced. Unlike Gear, it only lasts X turns - so in this case 3 attacks. Also unlike Gear, your opponent could just play one of their own and you're suddenly on the defensive. The more Runewords players use, the less effective each of those Runewords become.

There was a memorable moment in M:TG history when players were asked to choose between Crusade (2 mana) and Glorious Anthem (3 mana) to be included in a Core set. WotC assumed that Crusade would win for sure, as it was cheaper. It lost big time. Crusade affected white creatures on both teams. Glorious Anthem only affected your creatures (yes, all your creatures but it was only used in white weenie decks at the time). When given a choice, I would pay more mana for a Runeword that just stopped my opponent's haste, than pay less for Delay.

So sure, it's your game, you can stick to your guns and make all Runewords affect both players equally. All I'm saying is that from a game design perspective, you don't need to.


After playing it in many, many league battles, I just don't see it. There are so many aggressive, hard-hitting cards in the format - are you really going to spend 4 mana to do NOTHING in the hopes that maybe you'll hit some charges? It doesn't even have "On Enter". Quickdraw Cannon is an infinitely better use of 4 mana.

And really, it's a legendary item. It should be of "auto-include" value - you've only got four slots to choose from - which other legendary are you going to drop for it? Leave "Reasonable" for Rares and Epics. Is Vul'Grath himself "reasonable"? No, he's awesome.

Do you honestly think that this even compares to Pyre or Wisdom? Not a chance.

As for Beckoning, you're right, I didn't see that you get the first card.


I really hate so-called beta test. I don't think Vulgrath's Staff of Repression would be OP if it costs 3 mana, thanks to the random mill 3.

4 mana ? a perfectly nice Legendary ? it's worse than QDC .
Playing it at the beginning costs me the game. Yeah a "perfectly" legendary.

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Best set yet. Thanks to Antic and the testers and keep up the good work. : )