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Official Tournament Preview



Tournaments are the long awaited play option for the truly competitive players who want to see just how well they hold up against the masses. With three different tournament styles and dozens of formats between them, there will be a format for everyone, regardless of skill level and time commitment. Want to sit down for the long haul and really test your skills? Join a 6 round Standard Constructed event with over 33 people and a large prize payout! Not too confident in your collection and want something quick and cheap? Join a Sealed event with only 3 other players and two rounds!


Enter the tournament with a pre-made 40-60 card deck and a sideboard.

  • Limited – Uses the limited rule set
  • Standard – Uses the standard rule set
  • Pauper –Uses the pauper rule set
  • Singleton - Uses the singleton rule set
  • Set Specific– Uses the standard rules set and only cards from the specified set (Core, Eve, Rise, ect)

Sideboards are a small set of cards players bring with them to their tournament but will not be in their deck. Each Match will be best 2 out of 3 and between each game in a match you can change up your deck by removing cards and replacing them with cards from your sideboard.

Sideboards will be between 10 and 20 cards. The exact amount is still TBD.

Each player is given a set number of packs and then 5 minutes to build a 25+ cards deck out of the cards they opened. The 25+ card decks are then used to play out that tournament. In between games your sideboard is any other card you opened but didn't put in your deck.

Sealed events will also be used to preview new sets!

In Sealed events you do not keep the cards you open and play with but there is an option to buy all those cards!

Pick a card from a pack and pass on the rest! In a Draft players each open a pack, picks a single card from the pack then passes the rest to the next person. The person on the other side of you then passes on the cards that they didn't pick and you pick one of the cards that are left. This process is repeated until there is no more cards to pick, then a new pack is opened. Once all the packs have been drafted you build a 25+ card deck out of the cards you've picked.

In Draft events you do not keep the cards you open and play with.

Draft/Sealed Heroes
In Draft and Sealed an augmented Amorya will be used as the hero. Below is the hero's stats and abilities

15 HP/2 Mana
Toughen - 3 Charges
Target Creature Gains 1 HP
Sharpen - 4 charges
Target Creature Gains 1 Attack
Peirce - 5 Charges
Deal 1 Piercing Damage to Target Creature


Tournaments will use a new currency called “Tournament Credits” (TC). This is to allow players to focus their gems and gold on packs and singles rather than having to worry about if it’s worth gambling those currencies on tournaments. It also allows us to give away Tournament Credits for free in a manner that allows players to hoard and spend as they wish.

We plan on having a wide variety of entry fees ranging from 2TC to 20TC with varying degrees of rewards for each that scale with number of players as well as cost of entry.

Tournament credits can be bought or earned through Satellite Tournaments.

Tournament Types

There will be three types of tournaments for players to play in.

Satellite Tournaments
Satellite Tournaments are free and Gold (can be either) entry tournaments with Tournament Credits as the payout. The number of credits given will scale by the number of rounds. First place will earn a player enough credits for entry into a Credit Tournament! Top 50% will pay out at least 1 credit, with rewards scaling up for the top 25%

Satellite Tournaments will rotate between Constructed (Standard and Limited only) and Sealed (Core and Eve only). Occasionally a Core Draft will show up in the Feeder Tournaments as well!

You can only enter a Satellite Tournament if you have less than 10 TC's on your account. This is to move players into the Credit Tournaments over time.

Credit Tournaments
Credit Tournaments cost Tournament Credits to enter and award Packs (usually of the latest set) for the winners.

Scheduled Tournaments
Scheduled Tournaments are our BIG tournaments! The timing and variety of these will vary and some will require an invitation earned by completing different tasks. These can range from being in a top 10 Guild, being in the top 50/100 of an arena or winning a certain number of Credit Tournaments. Others will be available for anyone to enter with varying entry fees from Gems, Gold, Tournament Credits or even Free!

Soft Launch

For 5-7 days Tournaments will be active and running without any entry fees. This is our soft launch to encourage player feedback as well as a chance to work out any kinks that arise.

The Soft Launch will start the week of May 6th!


Will be updated as questions get asked.

Q: What tournament structure will be used?
A: All tournaments will be Swiss style at launch. Single Elimination may be added down the line.

Q: How long will a tournament last?
A: It will vary on participation. Unlike arenas, tournaments will use a “chess timer” to make sure all games end in a reasonable amount of time.

Q: What happens if I get more than 4 copies of a cards in Draft/Sealed?
A: Play them all! (If you choose) There is no limit to how many copies of a card you can use in the Draft and Sealed formats.

Q: Can I find out about past tournaments?
A: Yes! On the initial tournament screen you can view information about the most recent tournaments. You can see the time and date it happened, the format, who participated, and even view the decks used by players!

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One thing to note, we are looking at new hero options for the draft and sealed style. Currently we are testing a modified Amorya with much simpler skill set to emphasize the card and deck building instead of hero power.


Updated with Tournament types and how to get Tournament Credits!

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Ima say 10 is a good number for a 40 card sideboard. We don't wan't people building entirely new decks each round.


Agree with 10 card max sideboard.

What's the reasoning behind allowing > 4 copies of cards in Draft/Sealed?

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Because unlike in constructed your not like to be able to break cards in multiples with your limited sealed/draft pool. It also ensures that your not totally screwed in the event that by some miracle of probability you get so many copies of a card you wouldn't have enough cards to make a deck if you could only use 4.

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Looks great, can't wait!

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Awesome! Sooo when will prices be revealed?

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Our goal is to keep the tournament entry price point low and accessible to everyone, while still offering a few variants based on your budget and reward desires.

We will likely finalize them next week but currently we're looking to price tournament credits at 50 cents each. For constructed we'll have 3 pricing models:

Low - 4 credits (~$2)
Medium - 8 credits (~$4)
High - 16 credits (~$8)

The rewards will be multiplied based on the entry level, meaning a High tournament first place prize will be 4x that of a Low tournament. Rewards will also scale based on how many people enter.

Draft will have 1 pricing model:
6 credits (~$3)

Sealed we will be using for satellites and promotional purposes for upcoming sets, so prices are still TBD.

Please keep in mind these are the current prices. We may be adjusting next week.

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I wish it were $1 or less an entry with lower rewards but I guess with the free tickets they need to be a little higher..people like me are going to want to play for the competitiveness and less the reward for winning

Sooo, you guys never answered. Since some tournament rewards will be based on Arena standings, will there be a reset?

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Is anyone concerned about having the ability to see what deck a player used in the constructed format? I can imagine there might be some people who wouldn't want everyone to know the exact details of their deck composition.

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Ah, but in 99% of card games if you are in a tournament you have to reveal what your deck is made up of. In rl its too make sure your not cheating and running more than 4x of a certain card etc.

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Plus it helps the meta game evolve :)

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Will spectators be able to watch the the final matches of a tournament?

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Not likely in the initial release but recorded matches may come some day.


Quote:It also allows us to give away Tournament Credits for free in a manner that allows players to hoard and spend as they wish.

Quote:You can only enter a Satellite Tournament if you have less than 10 TC's on your account. This is to move players into the Credit Tournaments over time.

Contradict yourself much? How will be people able to "hoard" tournament creadits when they cant win more from satellite tournaments once they have 10? Or you consider ten pieces of something is a "hoard"?

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Well as everyone knows its only a hoard if there is a dragon guarding it and we all have dragons to watch our TC right?

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Well, the contradiction comes for that this post was first put up before they had ironed out all the details surrounding currency for tournaments. Jeffo just probably forgot to take the part out about hoarding. XD



I hope I can win since these things are probably going to be buzzing with pros. What prizes are there going to be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, specifically? I hope it's like a box, a 3 pack, a pack and consolation cards for everyone else :P, maybe there should be a random give away of uncommon/rare/epic card/s for anyone/everyone who joins so the credits wont be a waste if you lose. I wish I could actually hoard tcs so I can enter like a few weeks in when more noobs like me have enough tcs to enter. :P Actually, I think hoarding should be re-reconsidered to, paraphrasing you, accommodate everyone's time commitment. Anyway, go devs, work your butts off and replace my real life with a pseudo yu-gi-oh web warrior life!

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How often and what times of day will Satellite tournaments run?

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How frequently are the tournaments run? Twicea day? Or is it unlimited depending on the ammount of players participating? I would luv to see some competition between friends, where they can make their own little tournament. But i think that could easily get abused.


There's only 3 days left (of this week).
cant wait...


I think now this would be the perfect opportunity to implement spectator mode.

Thank you.

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Hi all

Just an update - we are in the final stages of testing. We're aiming to have a build ready in the next 3 hours for a release candidate. However, if it fails, we will be pushing the update until monday so we don't accidentally break the game before the weekend :)

So far it's looking good though!

Start your tournament engines!!

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The preview image of drafting shows 5 packs of 10, will this be variable at any point? Fewer packs with higher number of cards per pack reduces randomness and requires a little more skill.


Personally, I like the additional packs. Five shots at good rares is better than having only 3. I've played a few tourneys so far and I've been able to build a solid deck each time.


What I'd really like to see is more accurate tie-breakers. The system doesn't look like it's working. In one tourney, I went 4-0, beating 4 players 2-0, who stayed in the tournament and all did well, and then lost in round 5 to the winner. Somehow I came in 4th. When I looked at the rankings it looked like 2nd-4th all had the same points and the same tie breakers. I've played enough MtG to know that doesn't happen.

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Tie breakers are being bug fixed right now and should be working correctly in the next update.