Best Guild War Hero/Deck?

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Best Guild War Hero/Deck?

So who do you think the new best hero(es) are for guild wars?

I've found a lot of success with Jorma for defense, I don't think the AI can successfully use many other heroes' abilities. Abbadon also seems quite promising, I'd say for defense the top 2 heroes are Abbadon and Jorma.

As far as the deck goes, I'd be using cards like Acolyte and Doomsayer with abbadon, perhaps some relentless bones too... I dunno since I don't use him for defense myself lol. Then throw in some buffs(ancients will/divine ascension). I've been felled by ugly meteors or echo blasts from defensive decks, it seems wise to keep a couple of one or the other in your deck, or golemnifies at least to counter those players who rely on super buffed creatures(but with golemnify you can't steal its corpse if it's a nice creature). The AI doesn't seem stupid enough to waste it on a 1/1 or anything. I've lost many battles vs the AI from a meteor or something killing my big creatures and then having them converted.

Jorma is pretty much the same old. Hasters like swift ghouls and thundercats still work excellent. Her invoke flames is much worse however, making it easier for the enemy to stabilize themselves and win the fight. But since all the best heroes in general have faced somewhat of a nerf, maybe she is still alright.

For guild war offensive, I've found Drav to work the best -- but I haven't tried many heroes. The tough part is that difference between 18 and 20 wins in a guild war. It probably doesn't come down to the hero, but the deck. Once you've got Diryam out, it's hard to lose. Even if the AI destroys Diryam, even a couple turns of no charges often means a loss for them.

For offense with Drav I use a bunch of splosive gnomes and elvish shankers to tinker into slayers of the damned or fae tricksters. I dumped sylph assassins and toxic immobilizers for 3 mana creatures. For 4 mana, I was at a loss -- I just threw in bard/war monger minotaurs because they are a pretty nice buff -- but I'm sure there's something better out there; battle rigs could be an option(or strip miners, don't have any though). I can't decide which 4 mana creatures would be the most ideal though. For 5 mana, there's BC, Gob Hog, and Dryads. I just use 3 gob hogs and 2 angelic captains because that's what I have to work with -- I almost always tinker them into Diryam straight away anyway. Then of course only 1 6 mana creature, Diryam; I don't have archmage yet otherwise I might consider using it along with Diryam... dunno. And then a couple dragons in case of an emergency or to tinker a weakened/outmatched Diryam as a last ditch effort. I barely use them and don't find they help much since they die easily to a fireball and are tough to save up the mana for, so might just take them out completely. They work better vs real players' playing style than the AI's.


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