KCCG Radio Podcast #7 is now Live!

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KCCG Radio Podcast #7 is now Live!

Hey all!

You can view our latest episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccJ28cZ1mks

Please leave comments/feedback/suggestions :)


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I can't wait to see what all the other t1 changes are going to be! I'm a little disappointing to see prototype losing its ability to prototype spells like mechanize or duplicate but the new one isn't restricted to alchemy so its a fair trade off. New drav should be fun and thank lord jeffo he cant pull 5/5 unblockable haste constructs every couple turns anymore.

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Wtf you talking about iv'e been rocking the soothesayer since .92 its fantastic in my baha deck to hold off those big threats until oblits up or crippling those pain in the ass demons that just dont wanna die.

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For those viewers who do not have access to you tube.

Discuss Olfaan here - http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3234
Olfaan 15HP/2Mana
Stun Shot (3) - Target creature loses a random ability and is dealt 0 to 1 damage
Loot Corpse (4) - Destroy target enemy corpse and draw a card. Olfaan gains 1 HP or 1 Mana or 1 random Charge
Scatter Shot (6) - Deal 1 to 2 damage to each enemy creature and enemy Hero

Discuss Ravinova here - http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3235
Ravinova 16HP/2Mana
Prototype (3) - Put a copy of target card with Mana cost 3 or less in your hand
Transpose (4) - Target Hero ability loses 2 charges and Ravinova gains 1 Mana for each charge lost this way
Liquify (5) - Target creature becomes Poisoned 2 or destroy target gear

Discuss Dravkas here - http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3236
Dravkas 16HP/2mana
Tinker (3) - Destroy target ally non Token card. Summon from your deck the next card of the same type with 1 Mana cost greater in its slot
Augment (5) - Target creature gets +1 +1, gains a random ability and becomes a Construct
Manufacture (7) - Put a copy of target card with Mana cost 6 or less under your control. If its a creature, it becomes a Construct


Love the idea of puzzles. I used to solve them with the Yugioh - game. But they´re really hard to make, so maybe like in Levgre´s thread in the suggestion-forum suggested, let some players help you with it :)