I Beat Bobby Flay

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I Beat Bobby Flay

Long story short I was on that shitty reality TV show, "Beat Bobby Flay".

So what I did was, I had my friend who was in the audience. And they kind of look down into the kitchen where the contestants do their thing.

And he shit a lil bit in his hand, and when no one was paying attention he lobbed it into Bobby Flay's dish.

Bobby goes to present his dish and of course the judges are freaking out, gagging. They think it's a prank, Bobby is all confused. They judges go off on him about presenting a dish with shit in it, everyone is disgusted.

Literally, all I present is a slice of store brought bread. Not even name brand here and they literally tell me, "Well, you've presented us here with a slice of bread. But you've presented us with a slice of bread that's not covered in feces. Sharon -------- you have beat Bobby Flay!"

And I just got really excited and won and yeah, that was cool.