Bland Endgame

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Bland Endgame

After a certain point in the campaign, your only option is to try getting your hands on 4x pacifies and run a stall/mill deck. That's just nonesense; players shouldn't be forced to use the most boring deck type to get past the maze marsh.


I have considered this, and one of the things I absolutely loved was the challenge nodes. I think they should have a section of the campaign, where the nodes are all given a unique challenge daily (which means the nodes *do* reset).

It would add some spice with new restrictions, etc. It could also be a way to get more node completion bonuses. As it is now, if you finish the campaign, you either have the increasing difficulty of the survival nodes, or grinding the easiest nodes for coins. And since all nodes give the same payout, there is no incentive to try anything but the easiest nodes. . .

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that certainly is not the only option for a deck to use for the campaign at any point.

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Most of the campaign is just a tedious set of chores. The survivals are interesting up to point (where the rewards stop) and so are the boss and challenge nodes. All the rest is just repetitive play where you have to fight the same opponent sometimes 14 times in a row...
It is weird that none of the AI have a cleanse card, so most of the campaign you can just go pacify, timid and flyers. But I guess, I shouldn't be surprised, in the arena there is rarely someone running cleanse cards, mostly because pacify has become almost a useless card because of Akatril (unless you have Akatril)

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yea mill isnt the only way to beat the harder nodes but it certainly is the easiest. It would be nice if the ai decks ran some counters to encourage different strategies. I tried to avoid going the mill route and did most of the campaign with a straight up deck but once i hit the dead men i gave up.

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Well I never used mill and I just finished the campaign. I just had to keep changing my deck once I hit dead man.


And how, exactly, did you beat dead men without pacifying/weakening his field? You should share with everyone who's dying to know how to do that.

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Fae's charm on the hell hounds helps tons.

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Since he didn't have any removal or spells I just used lots of armor and intimidate myself. And I think I used flying as well. It Akatril mass buff deck basically

. If I got call to arms right off the bat with a might of the holy or raise the banners I was guaranteed an
easy win for instance. Because it would fill his side with corpses and give me plenty of time to uber buff all three of them.

Though I had to seed my deck with fey charm as as his nits started buffed it was juts more effective then anything else to just steal then and put them in front of some other creature. Though stealing the hell hounds was just op.

I won about 2 out of 3.


Call to Arms+Mass Buff, that's quite nice. Do new players get C2A and any of the applicable buffs from the campaign?

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Sounds like a job for baha even, might have to do that when I get that far as hard as the dead men sound. I think CTA is from pauper challenge but I don't think they get the buffs, late game seems really hard for new players.