Kingdom Beast Cards

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Kingdom Beast Cards

a few cards for each kingdom to deal with the beast subtype for making better unaligned decks.


Rare 3 mana 5-turn rune word.
Beast creatures have haste.

Lion of Flames:
Uncommon 2 mana element beast creature
1/4 with invoked
When an ally beast creature dies, this creature gains burning


Magic Forest:
rare 4 mana 0/5 barrier creature with ranged
on enter: gain immobile. This creature cannot attack. Adjacent beasts have resist, manacycle, and flying

Totem of Natural Rebirth:
uncommon 2 mana relic gear
beast creatures are shuffled back into their controller's deck on death rather than going to the discard pile


Hound of the mighty
rare 3 mana spell
create an ancient "hound" beast token in an empty ally slot with half of target ally's creature's attack and HP (rounding up)

Massive Claw:
rare 4 mana relic weapon gear
on your turn: deal 1 physical damage to enemy hero for each beast creature you control.


Rage Serum:
common 1 mana spell
target creature gains +1 attack and becomes a beast in addition to its other subtypes. That creature can no longer be set to defense mode

Failed experiment:
rare 3 mana 2/3 beast creature
On enter: gain 2-4 random abilities


Transformation of light:
common 2 mana spell
All beast creatures become humans and gain blessed.

Crusader's Warhorse:
uncommon 3 mana 1/2 beast creature
ally knights have +1/+1 and haste


Transformation of darkness:
common 2 mana spell
All beast creatures become vermin horrors and gain reassemble.

Vampiric Bat:
uncommon 2 mana 1/2 vampire beast
Countdown 3: on each turn, remove a countdown token. When no more remain, this creature becomes a 3/4 vampire token with flying.


It's not a bad idea, but Ganz (foolishly imo) decided to lump future beasts and beast support in with the mystical kingdom, destroying the ideal of beasts remaining an unaligned race that could be effected by the other kingdoms.