Nemesis in Willow

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Nemesis in Willow

Well, I wrote a guide on how to defeat every hero inside the willow...
but now I´m stuck. I dont even want to win this with gems, just finish it, but I cant do it.
I have aka and baha, I use aka cause I want to use my 4 aa cannons. Kensu made a a guide on how to beat this, but the problem is that it all seems to depend on spirits within. If you don´t have it, you cant kill the dryads first turn, so you lose.
I tried different things, but so far the only thing I managed to do is survive a maximum of 4 turns with a lot of luck, waste 300 energy....and thats it.
Is there anybody out there who can tell me how to beat this damn boss? Without spending gems to get spirits within?


Meteors, sylphs & mass polys too

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i managed it with some luck (after about 20-30 tries) with 1st turn AA cannon, wounding one dryad (put it in the middle or it will die.) I took 6 damage and he played thoughtwoven in the middle. My AA hit the OTHER dryad and then fireball wiped his board. From there I was able to control my fate.


AA cannons are almost more important lol


I beat it without any AA cannons or spirits within (not with gem bonus though). I put 4 weakens and 4 essence mantle (as well as other stall/healing cards, duplicates, and a thought retriever) in my deck with dravkas then tried over and over until I drew two weakens early, meaning the dryads were only doing 1 damage per turn each, which was slower than the essence mantle healing. Eventually I got a third weaken and was no longer taking damage. Then I just milled him with the thought retriever. Since weaken costs only 5k gold each it is quite an accessible way to beat him (with a LOT of luck). Note that dravkas isn't actually necessary for this method.

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hailstorm provides some good damage, although not the board clearing like spirits within and meteor.
Unholy night is really great for clearing the dryads out.
hunters nest + titans stomp will also provide some nice board clearing abilities or shatter/smelt + titans stomp

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I've arrived right now at the willow of soul challenge and it's really hard challenge, if you start with aa cannon that is the better i can do right now you start with less 6 hp, and then it's hard because you lose all mana cause nemesis ability, i was able 3 times to clear the nemesis with aa cannon + hailstorm, but i have too few mana and nemesis creature keep doing damage, one times it also put in one abismal dragon against my aa cannon.
I'm using also shrivel against resist flying creature but it seems my damage is not enough, without spirits within it's so hard.
I think without enemy hero at full charge or full charge less 1 it will be more doable, but like now is almost impossible and i need too many luck with the card i have right now.

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After a lot of trials with different decks, I finally managed to beat him with Dravkas and a 40 cards deck based on realm crusher x 2 (plus the bard rabbit to keep it alive), great summoners, essence mantles, rejuve and mana potions plus a lot of assorted gears. With this deck I won on my second try (no gems bonus though).


I just finished the campaign, and got the gems. Took me quite a few times, and several versions of decks. Here's what worked (first try with this deck):

Hero -- Akatril
AA x 4
Tower of Gnomes
Roaming Bloodsire
Blessed Champion x2
Rak Mul
Vul Grath
Sky Breakers x 2
Rejuve x 4
Spell Bridge x 2
Shrivel x 4
Hailstorm x 2
Fireball x 2
Divine Resurrection
Spirits Within
Thought Retriever
Essence Mantel x 4


I beat nemesis with Akatril, but was worried about decking out so finished him straight away. Lost my kill count on the way so I just gave up on the gems. Took me about 6 tries beating him, my deck was as follows:
4*AA cannon
1*Tower of gnomes
1*Diryam (however I dont recall I played him for the win anyway)
3*Mana flask (I have no rejuves but you need mana to set up quick)
2*Spell Bridge
1*Spirits within (have unholy knight but this is more effecting because enemy plays spiteful demons too)
1*Thought Retriever (not a must but its a should because enemy has milling ability and you cant finish it off quick either, and you need your AA cannons back all times)
3*Siphon (just to slow his ability usage)

I got rid of Holy summon, just because I dont thing it's worth it because the only real creatures they can kill are thoughtwover spirits. They are ok as blockers but I'd rather have my other abilties fill up quicker with the siphons. Hope that helps.

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Nemesis in the Willow is much more manageable now that he doesn't sap your mana on turn one. I just beat him with the following deck using a fully levelled Aka:
3 Sylph Assassin
1 SoothSayer (didn't have any more Sylph)
4 AA Cannon
4 Spiritual Gathering
3 Hailstorm (used in place of lack of Spirits Within)
1 Spirits Within
2 Thought Retriever
2 Essence Mantle

Again, he is much more beatable now that he doesn't sap all your mana on turn one. Which was some serious crap anyways. No idea how anyone was supposed to have a chance with 2 mana v three 3+/2+ flyers on the enemy's board with the enemy holding 5+ mana.

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For the gem challenge, I used Dread Tome + Fae Mischief to steal his tiara and give him an army of tiny skeletons that are easily killed.


went creatureless Drav.
3 Meteor (the only epic i have 3 of & the first time I've ever used it)
1 spirits within (only copy)
1 Elemental Bequest (only copy)
1 Dark Sacrifice (only copy)
3 Pacify
2 Rejuve
1 Slow
1 Spell Bridge
1 Thought Retriever.
2 Essence Mantles
2 Aegis Shields
2 Duplicate

Would be a damn sight more reliable with an extra thought retriever. As every time I got on top I had my thought retriever milled.
Elemental bequest is a superb card for this as it permanently disables 2 opponents & only leaves the middle slot to deal with.
Assuming you win with this deck the gem bonus is trivial.

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I used a flying/weaken deck combined with nets. For an easy non-gem win.


This fight is just ridiculous, its practically impossible if you dont have the specified card... Its not hard, its just NOT FUN!!


I finishd the Willow. And i can't go anyway. :(


Ok here is my deck for the win ( took my ages to experiment with it and tons of energy!!)

Hero: Shadow (U can use any Elemental Hero aswell)
Cards 20
Spells :17
Gears: 3

4x Relinquish (Ancient)
2x Pacify (i have 4 in my collection but u dont need 4 of them) (Holy)
4x weaken (Undead)
2x Unholy Night (Undead)
1x Dark Sacrifice (Undead)
2x Volatile Conc. (Alchemy)
2x Elemental Bequest (Elemental)

Gears: 1x Thought Retriever 2x Essence Mantle (all gears are unaligned)

The battle I won was quite easy (?!) - I was really lucky

Nemesis played a Spiteful Demon and ended his turn. ( Istill had my full 15 hp)
I had 3 good cards in my hand: 1x Relinquish 1x Pacify 1x Elemental Bequest. I obviously played the Relinquish for additional 3 mana, then pacified his Demon and sucked up the ATK with elemental bequest -> then in the following turns I drew my mantle and the thought retreiver -> win

good luck to you guys!

P.s.: this proves that you don't need 4x AA cannon - althugh they would be quite useful too!


Hi guys,

after 10-12 defeat against him finally i found a way for win.Also i got the 2 gems with this deck .It was good surprise for me;)


deck: 3x AA cannon (cuz i have only 3 :)
1x tower of gnomes (not really needed)
3x mana flask
1x charge potion
2x health potion
1x dirty fuel (not really necessary)
2x spell bridge
2x shrivel
3x siphon
2x wonder
3x hailstorm
2x scorching winds
2x elemental bequest
2x pacify
2x faes charm
1x spirits within
1x mass polymorph
2x meteor (1 is enough too)
1x thought retriever


Any ideas how to beat this without a Thought Retriever? Ive opened like 10 packs already, but wasnt lucky enought to get one. I have some AA Cannons, Spirits Within a basically every common and uncommon from core.

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I used Jorma with her higher starting mana and won with Hailstorms, AAcannons, Fireshot Archers, Shrivel's, and other similar cards to win.
(I do not own a Spirits Within or Thought Retriever to win.)




Watch the u-tube video. Shows you how to beat it and get the gems