Suspicious tournament activity

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Suspicious tournament activity

Same four people playing in tournaments that are too short, possible multiaccount abuse, here are some screenshots, take a look at it:


Looks legit to me. Just 4 dudes that play a lot of tournies.

Edit: Also, nobody likes a snitch bro.


The accounts getting different positions each time makes me think no. Tourneys are pretty dead right now so it's probably fine.


Weather this is important or not at this stage all accusations should be sent to a Moderator or Karl, so that they can deal with the situation.


Everywhere you snitch, you always take the weather with you.

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Your replies make me think that one of those accounts is you and 3 others are your alts. You say 'no one like snitches'? I say no one likes cheaters.


Your random accusation makes me think you run multi-account abuse constantly since 2013, stoop to guild hacking and causing errors on lost games.


Better 10 snitches than a cheater


End of the day they are all lowlifes.


wow 6 minute tournaments? Thats crazy. Isnt that impossible without SOME kind of shenanigans?
I agree, this should be sent to Ganz...good catch, Slavok.
And the only people worried about snitches are crooks.
If this person /these people dont KNOW they are breaking the rules, then fine, let them know. If they KNOW, then they should be punished appropriately.
Bad mouthing "snitches" means you are ok with rape, murder - surely you would be ok with "snitching" to save someone's life, no?


While it is pretty weird that different accounts won the top spot each time. It HAS to be some kind of intentional mess around for it to be the same 4 players, the same tourney length and for 3 out of the 4 names to fit an obvious name theme.

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Clear cheating.

Multiple evidence:
Alts dont play the game and still joined PAID tournaments.

So probably one person buffing alts with free tickets and burn them with the main in paid tournaments.
All alts display this.

So I will take this further to GANZ.


Seems to be the right conclusion.

Obvious cheating and great work of the mods.

Good job!

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