Elara, Fallen Angel

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Elara, Fallen Angel

What's Undead about? The dead not staying dead.
Who's dead? Elara and T'rror
Since reviving T'rror would be boring, this leaves us with:

Elara, Fallen Angel
Legendary Undead Creature-Zombie Angel
7 Mana
Flying, Armor, Pierce, Corpsecraft
On enter: Deal 5 piercing damage to enemy hero. Creatures cannot become Pacified.

With a little help from a certain necromancer, Elara's back, and she's craving for a fight. Instead of boring old life gain, Fallen Elara strikes the enemy down-regardless of the number of Shields they possess. And instead of stopping removal, Fallen Elara does not allow pacifism; after all, she WAS the Angel of War.


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