The First Foiled deck

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The First Foiled deck

2 cards and it will be complete, and used for as many skirmish's as your eyes can take!

Maybe I'll try and make it 2K someday; but for now its Legacy :P
(I also insist that the final boss of the game should also have his/her entire deck foiled)

The tokens from queen of dragons and endless evil are not shiny and recoil (possibly every rune) does not sparkle whilst in play.

What I would prefer is to be able to have a "token" version of a card (e.g 1/1 Skeleton) in promo section. That way people who like to have fancy skeleton decks, or fancy construct token decks can have it a fully sparkle. (I would suggest price to be 5-10 gems for each token). But that's just my opinion :P


That is what I call a waste of gems.

Sorry cewen ;/

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You are just tots jelly :P Kid is having fun. Why not let him share it?


I just thinking foiling cards is a waste of gems. For those gems, he could box another box (or 2) and get cards he doesn't have. If he has everything, then save for the next set or promo or something relevant.


I can buy single cards and heros for gems :P.
Arena can give me Gods reborn
I have enough of LA and Decent that I want.
So im fine with foiling. But those will probably be the only cards I foil. If I do foil cards; it will be something like a goog; to troll the opponent. I think I have seen every card that looks nice enough to be honest. Maybe 1 or 2 cards I regret foiling, but im generally fine with it.


I still like it :)
I just wish the tokens with that came with the promo summoning card (e.g endless evil).
So that why I think it would be good to have a "token" card in promo section (or somewhere) so that if foiled; (e.g skeleton, or dragon, or whelp) : every whelp token you summon would be foiled.
Would be awesome :D

Either way; every card in that deck I liked in a very specific way which made me want to foil it. I only just made a deck of foiled cards about an hour ago :P.

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