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Can we please return this card the way it used to be?

"On your turn: Destroy a random gear. That gear's hero is dealt 1 damage. When there are not gears left destroy this gear."

This is especially important because this is the ONLY unaligned gear solution many kingdoms otherwise lack.

It could even gain an on enter gear removal, but that may be pushing it.

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Why not just remove the damage altogether? If the goal is to remove gear, just let it destroy gear.

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Well, it's a unique effect, that makes you say "take that gear spam!" while at the same time providing enough space for the gear controller to save his gear.

Other than that, blunderbuss is just too slow for a gear removal, and it can be stopped each turn, either by destroying it, indestructible rune or preventing on your turn effects. It also destroys your own gear, and deals damage to yourself. There are a lot of weaknesses, and the effect right now is pretty underwhelming.

We need a mass "junk" gear removal card. But we already have one, it just needs it's shine back. Old blunderbuss was very rewarding when played, but never felt oppressive for the enemy as there is a lot of time for counterplay.


Would make it "rare" standard now I guess too.

And could also be one of the biggest gear removers in the game (1 being temporal reversal 2 being echo blast). Especially since cease fire doesn't see much play now because of 2K.

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Biggest *potential* being the key word here. You could remove all gears over the course of 5 turns, or none, effectively wasting your mana. Not to forget, like all gear cards, you run the the risk of drawing them against creature based decks.

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I'd like blunderbuss to be: "On your turn: Destroy another gear."


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