Bahamut not maxed: only 2 abilities

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Bahamut not maxed: only 2 abilities

I just faced a bahamut with only summon and the passive abilities.. he dropped 2 hero ring, so evry turn he pumped up 3 charge on his summon ability, every 2turn he special summoned a 4+ mana cost creature...

i think that was a good strategy, but maybe too hero-ring dependent... what you think? Are there some other card that allow you to get an additional charge in one ability ad random?

Princess Heartburn

I was running Baha for a while, and I always played without Obliterate. With 3 or 4 hero rings, there's a good chance to draw one in the first 2 turns and double the rate of Virtuous Summon. Obliterate is a powerful panic button skill, but since I'm running lots of creatures myself the opportunity to use it doesn't come up a whole lot. It's a skill that seems like it would combo well with the "egg" creatures from Eve, but honestly you can't run eggs with Baha because you risk drawing them with Virtuous Summon. I feel like every time that happens a picture of Nelson Muntz should flash on the screen.

Skybreaker is the turning point that makes Obliterate a great skill. Board wipe skill? Eh. Board wipe skill that leaves your best creature unharmed? Yes, please. If I ever f$%&*ing finally draw a Skybreaker, I may change tactics (and start playing Standard again).


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