Baha passive resolves dmg before creature actually enters play.

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Baha passive resolves dmg before creature actually enters play.

Can someone clarify this technicallity for me please. Should bahamuts passive resolve before a creature is actually considered in play?

current example: I am playing Abaddon against a Bahamut with no creatures in play for Abaddon and a Chronomancer for Bahamut. Abaddon is at 1 life with the passive still intact. My opponent plays a lightning elemental which activates bahamut's passive ability to activate. The damage from Bahamut's passive resolves before the creature is considered in play, which causes Abaddon's passive to activate and resolve with the lightning elemental unaffected. The lightning elemental then swings in for the two damage to end the match.

My question is are the passives in this instance a response to a creature entering play or to a creature being cast, or are they given priority over the creatures before they are considered actually in play? I understand the priority is probably given to the hero abilities over creature spells, but shouldn't the actual resolution of Bahamut's passive be in response to the resolution of the creature entering the feild of play? Therefore wouldnt the lightning elemental be on the board and considered in play before either passive is activated?

My initial understanding of bahamuts passive is that it deals damage in response to a creature entering play that costs 4 or more mana, but according to this example the ability resolves after the creature is cast but before it is considered in play. IF bahamuts passive is meant to occur as a response to a creature entering the field then the creature should be considered "in play". If that is the case, then the above example should have occured with the lightning elemental entering play, Bahamut's passive dealing 1 to Abaddon which causes his passive to activate dealing 3 magic dmg to all creatures, which in turn kills the lightning elemental and leaves Abaddon with 3 health?

I know this is technical, but i think that the terms "enters play" are misleading and should be explained.
Please let me know your thoughts on this issue.


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This seems more like a bug rather than to be intended I bet there will be a fix for it soon.

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Doesn't seem like a bug at all. Just the way they programmed it, which should be fixed.


All damage based hero passives deal their damage before the creature enters play. This is done usually to keep Arcanos' and Jorma's passives from being too oppressive by having "wasted" triggers. Using lightning elemental as an example, with either of them, it can be played, their passive will deal 1 damage to a random enemy creature or hero, then it enters play and deals it's own 1 damage enter effect. If the effects happened in reverse those two heroes would be a lot more powerful being able to abuse those types of triggers.

As for the misleading wording on Shockwave for Bahamut, Jorma has the same problem with Maelstrom Blast. However if the wordings were changed to "when played" or "when cast" we would have the problem of not indicating that it also triggers from Virtuous Summon and Furious Revival respectively. The same problem would be present for any cards that cause creatures to enter the battlefield directly from your deck.

It may be worth looking into changing the wording but it will be difficult to find one that fully explains the ability without getting too long. Long tool tips are something that should be avoided whenever possible.

"Whenever an ally creature with Mana cost X or more is cast or would be put onto the battlefield by a hero ability or another card, Bahamut deals 1 physical damage to enemy Hero"

It may not seem like much but when you're programming a game, space matters. Every characters add up! In this case it adds up to 78 :)

So yes, the wording is a bit misleading. Hopefully this helps you understand why it is as it is though. In most cases it's tones down a hero. You happened to find the rare example where it worked out to be stronger because of it.


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